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Rashid: Conquering Shyness and Embracing the Power of his own Ideas


Rashid (a pseudonym) is a bright and intelligent Sudanese boy, but his extreme shyness used to make him anxious during interactions with other children. However, everything changed when he joined the activities of the “Investing in the Future” project, particularly the English language courses designed to develop social skills, boost self-esteem, and encourage creative expression in children.

In December 2022, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) invited Rashid’s parents, who reside in Amman, to attend parenting skills training. During the training, they learned to recognize their child’s need for personal growth and started searching for opportunities to shape his life naturally. Unfortunately, financial challenges made it difficult to find affordable opportunities until Rashid applied and was selected to join the Project´s English and Arts courses, which brought joy to his family.

At the beginning of the training, Rashid was tense and hesitant to participate, clinging tightly to his mother. However, the safe and inclusive environment allowed him to unleash his talents and find a sense of belonging during the first five sessions. With the support of the art trainer, who recognized his potential and provided encouragement, Rashid began to feel more confident.

The arts course included various activities to stimulate imagination, boost self-confidence, and enhance communication skills. Rashid poured his emotions onto paper during a drawing session, depicting his favorite superhero and expressing his dreams and aspirations. Proudly sharing his artwork, Rashid’s classmates admired his talent and shared stories of their own heroes, discovering common interests.

Throughout the training sessions, Rashid’s self-confidence grew, and he actively participated in group discussions, presenting his ideas and opinions to his peers. The once-shy boy found his voice and realized the power of his thoughts, captivating his classmates with his unique perspective.

By the end of the English course in June 2023, Rashid had undergone a remarkable transformation. His shyness had given way to confidence, and he had formed strong bonds with his peers. Thriving in social situations, Rashid enthusiastically engaged in group activities and made new friends, no longer feeling lonely or excluded.

The Arts and English courses not only unleashed Rashid’s creative potential but also empowered him to overcome his shyness. His newfound confidence extended to other aspects of his life, excelling socially. His parents are amazed by the positive changes they have witnessed in their once-shy child.

Rashid’s success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of encouragement, support, and belief in the potential of every individual when provided with the right environment.