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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

“Syrian Refugees’ Perceptions and Satisfaction Regarding the Justice Sector in Jordan


The report is based on the outcomes of two surveys: the first one was conducted under “Support for Justice Sector Reform” funded by the EU, and included a non-national non-representative sample of (1700) Jordanians and non-Jordanians. the second one was conducted by ARDD as an independent follow-up survey that included a sample of (600) female and male Syrian Refugees living out of refugees camps in the areas of Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq. Irbed, and Karak.

According to ARDDs report, (43.8%) of the Syrian Refugees respondents reported to feel that their rights are fully protected in Jordan.