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Arab Youth Green Voices Challenge – extended deadline


The application deadline was extended

Climate change is affecting our health, economy, food supply, safety, and the environment we live in. Yet the young and future generations are rarely involved in the climate change debate for a variety of reasons. We aim to support Arab youth to take part in the climate change debate. Can you raise the voices of Arab youth on climate change in the region?


Are you an aspiring influencer or media maker with ideas for raising young green Arab voices? or are you a young Arab green changemaker with an eye for youth engagement through online media? In that case: we are calling upon you to join our challenge!


We challenge you to make the voices of Arab youth on climate change heard utilizing online media (article, blog, video, vlog). We have selected several challenges and possible solutions, contributing to making climate change the topic of conversation among youth across the Arab Region and inspiring the way for solutions.



Who should apply?

Young women and men with green hearts that are active as:

·      Aspiring media makers with a passion for the environment and climate and/or

·      Aspiring environmental change agents who are media savvy and have experience in writing, blogging, and producing vlogs and videos

Candidates that

·      live in or are a citizen of Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq

·      have a working knowledge of English

·      are active on social media

·      have Gmail accounts for ease of communication with the trainer and other participants.

·      have a valid passport or travel document

·      Ages between 18 -30


How to apply?

Applicants can apply by filling out this google form and:

1.     Submit an Original article or video elaborating on examples, initiatives, topics, and/or stories relevant to one or more sub-themes above, showcasing its importance, and how it is relevant to her/his generation´s life and community.

2.     In a separate document, list any supporting references to existing publications or sources that support the information in the document. Such references can be in any format, such as text, photos, infographics, and audio/video. This document will be uploaded as part of the application package.

3.     Complete the application form and send it along with three attachments:

a)     Media as a word document or mp4 via WeTransfer

b)     Supporting references

c)     Statement of availability of passport or travel document


Competition Guidelines

·Only one entry will be accepted per person.

·Entries containing hate speech, foul language, or plagiarism will be disqualified

·The top 10 finalists agree to the use of his/her name and image, in any publicity material, as well as their entries.



Evaluation criteria

A select panel of judges will evaluate the media material according to the selection criteria set out below:

Deadline for applications:

The deadline for applications was extended to the 8th  ٍSeptember 2022 at 11.59h PM

Preliminary Evaluation  

Based on the criteria and evaluation process listed above, the panel of judges will select a minimum of 15 finalists – at least 2 from each project country (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen). These finalists will be selected to participate in a series of Policy Labs and a Professional Media Masterclass to develop their skills and increase their reach.

The following activities will then be offered to them:












Prizes and Awards

The content and campaign will be evaluated based on several indicators such as the content’s creativity/ innovation/ outreach potential, the content’s publication frequency, and audience engagement.


Why would you want to join in? All 10 top finalists will:

·      Expand their network and visibility through global networking opportunities

·      Receive an official certificate acknowledging their contribution and skills gained.

·      Expand their reach through publishing their media products on the media channels of the project partners.

·      Have a chance to participate in a 2-day COP27 Side Event at Sharm El Sheikh*

As a first and second prize for this challenge some monetary support will be provided:


*Terms for Travelling:

  • Responsibility for obtaining the entry/visa rests with the selected participants, and the organizers of the competition do not bear any responsibility for this.
  • The travel of participants is subject to the provisions and laws of the host country for the event and/or any other relevant country. the direction of it
  • Participants must confirm their ability to travel and/or capability to obtain a visa if required to do so in accordance with the terms and laws of the host country and to ensure that there are no obstacles to travel before a specific period to be determined. Else, the participants lose their opportunity to travel and the organization has the right to choose other participants for that without bearing any responsibility on the organizers.

The contest starts on July 24th, 2022,

Deadlines for applications is 8th September 2022, 11:59 pm

Hashtags to be used throughout the campaign are #GreenVoices #أصوات_خضراء

All terms and conditions apply