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ARDD and Jabal Amman Publishers sign a publishing partnership agreement


Amman, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) signed a partnership agreement with Jabal Amman Publishers. The agreement aims to publish two books documenting the outputs of “The Arab Renaissance: Renewal of the Civilizational Message” conference, which was held in 2018 in celebration of ARDD’s tenth anniversary and to commemorate the launch of ARDD’s renaissance project.


“We at Jabal Amman publishers seek to spread awareness in various fields. As thus we agreed to initiate our partnership with ARDD by publishing this important conference’s outputs in two books with the aim to reach out to the largest possible number of interested people from the broad public, not just the intellectual elites” said Sweis. Muhareb, added “At the beginning, our aim was to merely publish one book that includes the conference’s seminars. But we saw more value in producing one other book that would frame the content of these lectures in an engaging manner that would attract more interested readers and enrich our Arabic content. As such we were glad to forge this partnership with Jabal Amman Publishers.”

Work is currently underway on the production of the two books, and the date of their launch will be announced soon.