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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

ARDD holds discussion sessions to launch awareness campaign “The importance of the participation of local communities, women and youth in building solidarity and community peace”


Within the framework of the project “Research, Capacity Building, Awareness and Resilience of Syrian and Host Communities”, implemented by Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD), in cooperation with the International Institute for Nonviolent Action (NOVACT), and funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACDD), ARDD held a series of discussion sessions to launch the awareness campaign “The Importance of the Participation of Local Communities, Women and Youth in Building Solidarity and Community Peace”, at ARDD headquarters, on Sunday and Monday, 29 and 30 September 2019.

The first day the participation of a group of experienced media professionals in the sessions, who reviewed the results of the research “Jordanian women in the context of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community peace”, presented by media strategist Mr. Muin Khoury, in order to develop the basic proposals and messages to come up with participatory strategies for an awareness campaign on the importance of the participation of local communities, women and youth in building solidarity and community peace.

The second day witnessed two sessions, held in the morning and noon, in the presence of a group of media and young activists, to discuss the results of the research presented by Mr. Khoury, and to propose mechanisms to participate in the implementation of this media awareness campaign, and its key messages.

The findings of the research on the ability of women in Jordan to play a positive role in conflict resolution and contribute to community solidarity and peace in their homes and communities were used to come out with messages and media and awareness strategies related to the image of women in the media through the participation of experienced media professionals, young activists and media professionals who participated in the Sessions.


On both days, these sessions began with a presentation by Mr. Khoury, of a series of questions posed to women of all ages with a focus on those between the ages of 15-49 years. The presentation of the above questions was accompanied by a review of the answers of the women participating in the research survey, which was conducted in the cities of Zarqa, Karak, and East Amman.

The discussion dealt with several issues covered such as the of living and economic situation of the women and their families in general, women views to themselves and the view of society in return, and the extent of their participation and interest in engaging in public affairs, in addition to other topics.

The session of experienced media professionals held on Sunday was showed the interaction of the attendees of different walks of life with the issues and conclusions put forward, they were keen to share experiences and conclusions which were based on their practical experiences in the field of media and civil work in Jordan.

During their sessions on Monday, young media professionals and activists also shared their views and suggestions based on their unique takes on their community, specifically addressing the reality of women in terms of highlighting positive examples of women from the community, establishing a database of such influential women accessible when needed, and challenges faced by working mothers with regard to providing nurturing environment for their children, and other topics of concern to women in Jordanian society in general.