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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

ARDD holds legal awareness workshops as part of the ‘Facilitating durable solutions for Syrian refugees’ Project


Some 400 Syrian refugees and Jordanians in host communities of both genders attended legal awareness sessions held by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) as part of the project “Facilitating durable solutions for Syrian refugees through the provision of legal aid”, which seeks to promote comprehensive protection for individuals by raising legal awareness and providing advanced legal services.

The sessions are being held, while observing all COVID-19 safety requirements, in ARDD branches in Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq, Irbid, and Karak. They aimed at raising the participants’ awareness about their legal rights and to help them better understand their rights and duties under the Jordanian law, most notably: Penal Code, Cyber ​​Crime Law, Labor Law, Owners and Tenants Law, Commercial Paper Law, Civil Status Law and Personal Status Law.

The project is part of ARDD’s legal aid programs and efforts to help refugees and is being implemented with funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) from August 2020 to February 2022. It aims to bring about changes at individual, society, decision-makers, and service providers’ levels, thus creating an environment in which Syrian refugees can access advanced legal services that help them get better protection. The project does not focus only on the documentation of legal issues, it also provides advanced legal services pertaining to issues related to preserving the integrity of the legal status of the individual in order for the refugee to gain better protection, regardless of the permanent solution they may choose, and to ensure that they are legally aware of their rights and duties any time they decide to seek a better future for their families, by making sure their legal situation does not conflict with the laws of the countries they choose to settle in.