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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

ARDD´s Statement on the War in Palestine


The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) strongly condemns the indiscriminate attacks against Palestinian civilians, and the shelling of hospitals, residential areas, mosques, and schools in the Gaza Strip. These are not only unlawful but tantamount to war crimes which should be duly accounted for.

The violence and senseless loss of life that we have witnessed since Saturday, October 7th is the result of over seven decades of Israel’s colonial policies of ethnic cleansing, land theft, settler and soldier violence against the Palestinians, killing hundreds, injuring, and arresting thousands, raiding Holy sites, restricting civic and educational space, in a bid to complete the erasure of Palestinians and Palestinianess from Palestine. Over 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, 75% of whom are refugees who have been longing to return home for over seven decades, have continued to live for the 16th consecutive year under a fierce ground, aerial, and naval blockade which deprives them of freedom of movement, livelihoods, self-sufficiency, clean water and access to health. Meanwhile, over 9 million Palestinian refugees are scattered throughout the globe in the impossibility of returning to their ancestral homeland.

Amidst the noisy soundtrack of Israeli structural violence played by drones, airstrikes and bulldozers, the position and distorted narratives of international institutions are an offense to all peoples and communities in the world struggling for justice and to the rule-of-law-based order that emerged since WWII.

We deplore the epistemological violence against Palestinians, their history, and their culture: the de-contextualized and a-historical narrative, false information, twisted discourses, orientalist misrepresentation, and superficial stereotyping that silence their voices. This is another violent strategy of oppression that is implemented on Palestinians through knowledge with the complicity of international mainstream media and policy institutions.

Shamefully, international actors continue to support the colonial crimes of Israel and refuse to acknowledge the rights of colonized Palestinians to self-determination and to resist their oppression. This cognitive dissonance between the historical reality of the Question of Palestine and the international (lack of) response signals the continuous asymmetrical power dynamics and pervasive racism that govern the international system.

We are astonished by the military support that is continuously guaranteed to Israel in order to further entrench its oppression and massacre of the Palestinians.

We further condemn the calls by international representatives, to suspend humanitarian support to the Palestinians -who are not only facing disproportionate military attacks and bombings but are also threatened by genocidal practices under the current decision to cut all supplies, of water, food, and energy, by Israel- as inhuman. These policies and practices are yet another confirmation of the West’s complicity with Israeli crimes and interconnectedness with Israel’s project to settler-colonize Palestine.

These international policies and narratives are a reminder that decolonization has never been fully achieved, not only for Palestinians but also in Western society, where the rights of the oppressed are still understood and framed as a matter of privilege and unworthy of the interests of the colonizers.

In this context, the dignity of the Palestinian people, and their agency in subverting the oppressive dynamics of colonization imposed on them with violence for over seven decades70 years, set an example for the entire world and remain a call to true justice and equality for all people.

We urge the international community to:

  • Ensure protection to Palestinians under attack and pressure to cease violence against civilians and civilian infrastructure.
  • Express solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation to fully uphold international responsibilities in achieving decolonization.
  • Address the root causes in line with history, justice, and humanity.
  • Guarantee access to humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, we share Jordan’s preoccupation with regional repercussions and join the Jordanian call to invest in diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalations and assure and guarantee the protection of Holy sites in Palestine.