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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Briefs about the state of Social Protection in the Arab world


Within the context of Coronavirus health crisis, ARDD has mobilized to utilize existing resources, expand resources, and enhance the protection of vulnerable communities in order to prevent the further exacerbation of inequality. It is important to also follow up and monitor on other countries in the region in terms of responses to the COVID-19 and provide detailed reports and policy briefs in all these countries.

This effort has started within the framework of ARDD’s Human and Economic Development Platform (HEDP). Essentially, HEDP aims to respond to the needs of the existing development paradigm through a learned, more effective and efficient discourse among the public sector, private sector, civil society, and the public at large. HEDP is primarily focused on engaging with socioeconomic issues by conducting and commissioning specialized policy studies, disseminating the findings in a sustainable manner, and lobbying for positive change via state-of-the art tools and methodologies.

In this vein, and in cooperation with Ford Foundation, ARDD has commissioned the development of a series of country-specific publications in order to monitor the responses of countries throughout the Arab world in response to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. This series takes into consideration the effects of the current circumstances on diverse populations with varying needs, including youth, women, children, the elderly, migrant workers and refugees; this objective is rooted in ARDD’s commitment to highlighting the challenges and restrictions experienced by those living in poverty, and vulnerable groups at large. These publications will also consider the responses and endeavors undertaken by governmental actors and civil society organizations in this regard. This series is positioned within a larger research project being conducted by ARDD’s Al Nahda Centre for research and is framed with reference to the capacities of social protection frameworks in the Arab region. It is also part of ARDD’s dedication to enhancing and expanding the efficacy and practice of evidence-based policy development and transformation towards more just societies.

Published bilingual briefs so far:

  • Palestine: “Coronavirus” and the Israeli siege worsen the suffering of Palestinian
  • Lebanon: Coronavirus threatens to starve millions of Lebanese
  • Djibouti: Health and Livelihood Crisis
  • Sudan: Limited assistance aggravates the suffering of the poor
  • Tunisia: Painful Facts  
  • Libya: Coronavirus implications on vulnerable groups
  • Egypt: Delayed Response
  • Mauritania:Responding to impoverished communities
  • Morocco: Conditions in the age of Coronavirus 
  • Algeria: COVID-19 crisis deepens poverty   
  • United Arab Emirates: facing Coronavirus… impressive success wasted by neglecting prisoners Briefs on the state of social protection in the Arab world
  • Qatar: After corona… a storm of criticism towards Qatar’s exploitation of workers
  • Bahrain: ‘Corona’ in Bahrain.. comprehensive measures amid labor violations
  • Kuwait: Kuwait against ‘corona’… incentives for locals, no protection for migrant workers
  • Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, the absence of legislation that protects workers exacerbates their suffering during the corona pandemic
  • Oman: Oman takes effective health measures, yet workers are not protected
  • Yemen: War, corona and lack of aid put the lives of millions of Yemenis in danger
  • Iraq: Ramifications of ‘corona’ deepen the suffering of Iraqis
  • Syria: The absence of social protection raises alarm bells in Syria
  • Jordan: Corona causes economic and social harm to Jordanians
  • Somalia: Corona-hit Somalia worries in the absence of social protection