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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

In cooperation with Jordan NGOs Forum (JONAF) ARDD launches the “Supportive Neighborhoods” (Harat Al Ouneh) initiative as part of its relief response programs


As part of its continuous relief efforts and in implementation of its preparedness plan and JONAF response plan to Coronavirus crisis, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) announced the launch of the “Harat Al-Ouneh)- My neighbour and I are well ” initiative.

ARDD has transformed part of its projects and programs to respond to the crisis, and identified four areas of its relief efforts namely: financial aid, medical and health assistance, the distribution of food, in addition to the recent launch of the “Harat Al Ouneh” initiative. These efforts are supported by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UN Women, the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development, and the French Islamic Relief and are implemented throughout Jordan by ARDD in cooperation with JONAF members throughout Jordan.

One Hara (neighbourhood), will become many neighbourhoods (Harat), and will rebuild the Hara identity as an active, influential, and social unit interacting with various walks of life within one region. This initiative will encourage the people of Al-Hara to play their leadership, social and humanitarian role, deal with all challenges and respond to them by all available means, and strive to create and improve the social, environmental, educational, psychological and economic conditions experienced by the Hara residents.

In the long term, the philosophy of the Harat Al Ouneh (Supportive Neighbourhood) initiative revolves around interacting with the concerns and dreams of the neighbourhood, taking initiative, developing a sense of leadership among its people, relying on participatory work and enhancing the collective ownership of the residents of the neighbourhood, so that we start from a safe neighbourhood for its people – to a safe city for its people – to a safe homeland for its people.

Harat Al Ouneh (Supportive Neighbourhoods)- My neighbour and I are well,  is one of the Jordan NGOs Forum (JONAF)’s initiatives, which was launched to address the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis, preserving the security of the people by spreading awareness of the crisis and preventing its spread, and helping citizens to adhere to government measures to do so.

The initiative which started its first activities on Thursday 24 April 2020, seeks to support the people by securing their basic needs, and networking them with service providers in different sectors within a clear structure and diverse and effective communication tools that facilitate dealing with all needs, to protect all members of the neighbourhood and ensure their security, and work with them in preparation for the return of things to their nature so that these lanes become stronger than before. This initiative works to build the foundations and skills necessary for the people of the one lane to network with each other and organize themselves and employ their capabilities in a way that enhances the community peace and achieves collective benefit.

In addition to launching in East Amman, in cooperation with the Hara Association, in Baqa’a camp in cooperation with the Amal Association for Social Development, Al Zarqaa in cooperation with Ahl Al Himeh Ladies Association, and youth initiatives in Jerash camp, and those in the Yajouz region that seek to provide assistance to daily workers. Through this initiative, JONAF seeks to reach out to all governorates in cooperation with local associations, stimulate youth initiatives to enhance the spirit of solidarity, and spread awareness about the crisis and how to deal with its economic, social and security implications.

This initiative aims at: Investing in youth and developing their attitudes towards volunteering and helping others to enhance their sense of belonging, utilizing the creative energies of young people and taking their time to find creative solutions to the challenges resulting from this pandemic and its consequences in their societies, promoting the solidarity of the people of the neighbourhoods with each other to cover their needs under the current circumstances, amplifying community’s voice and strengthening the communities through its rehabilitation, organization, and networking through its active and aware participation of its priorities and its various implementation tools with all partners. Finally establishing leadership for eligibility and reliance on participatory work and cooperation between the people of the same neighbourhood.