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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

‘Our Music Won’t Go Out’ a musical evening by Al Nahda Youth highlights the important role of artists, honors the memory of two late musicians


Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Haifa Al-Najjar, the Cultural Committee of the AlNahdaYouth Network of the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development ARDD, held the musical evening “Our Music Won’t Go Out”, on October 21, 2021, at Zara Theater, in memory of artist Miteb Al-Saqar and composer Maan Baidoun.

The evening was held in appreciation of all musicians, as well, helping to make their voices heard, enhancing their participation in public life, and highlighting the role of artists and musicians in helping spread culture and creativity, and social cohesion.

Talking about the two departed artists, Al-Najjar said: ‘Miteb Al-Saqar cheered us up with his melodious and warm voice as he sang for Jordan, and Maan Baidoun entertained us with his music and compositions that reached the Arab world through his cooperation with many artists. Yes, we will keep their names in our memories, together with those of other creative Jordanians”.

She said: “Artists have a personal vision and a message that they want to convey through art and music, which would form a culture based on dialogue, acceptance of differences and respect for the other”.

The minister also pointed out that the renaissance of a nation cannot be achieved without rational, cultural and emotional human action.

Executive Director of ARDD Samar Muhareb stressed the importance of music in uplifting societies and spreading the culture of renaissance, and of supporting young talents, and involving them in the public sphere.

Muhareb also stressed the important role young artists and other intellectuals play in stimulating civic participation and ensuring free speech in a positive and constructive manner, which ensures the active involvement of citizens and enhances the community’s cultural identity.

Coordinator of AlNahdaYouth Network Issa Nashiwat said that culture means “the transformation of a human being from mere natural existence to awareness of this existence”, stressing that culture is also a tool for enlightenment and its absence leads to ignorance.

Member of the Cultural Committee of AlNahda Youth Network, musician and media figure Yara Goban said music creates a dialogue with those who listen to it, and it is a nation’s duty to perpetuate the memory of those who professionalize it, hence the commemorative musical evening that was the product of the work, effort, and ideas of AlNahda youth.

Goban also stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between artists and relevant authorities from official and civil society institutions, in order to enhance their civic participation and to make the artists’ voices heard.

Ibrahim Al-Saqar, Miteb’s brother said “Miteb planted joy and happiness in the hearts of Jordanians, and of the commemoration is the result of his labor.  

Artist Laith Suleiman, a friend of Baidoun’s,  said that Baidoun was known for his passion, commitment, and love of art, and that, hopefully, musicians and artists will always be esteemed.

Artist Maher Hanhan said that Baidoun was very committed and meticulous in his work, that since his childhood he was known for his great passion for Arabic music, and that he did a lot for it, enriching the Jordanian and Arab art scene.

Shields of appreciation were presented to the families of the two deceased artists, in appreciation of their work and legacy and presenting to the Jordanian art scene.

Participants at the event also emphasized the need to honor Jordanian artists while they are alive as well, and not only in death.

Ending the evening, Maher Hanhan (drums), Laith Suleiman (flute), Hammam Eid (qanun), Imad Qaqish (guitar), and the singers Issa Qaisar and Ramez Sahouri entertained the audience with a collection of songs and compositions selected from among those of Al-Saqar and Baidoun.


Al-Saqar was born in the city of Ramtha, in northern Jordan, in 1959. He was famous for his traditional and patriotic songs.

Baidoun was a musician, instrumentalist, and composer. He mastered the bass guitar and counter bass. He joined the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV) in the Music Department, where he worked on his talent. He is one of the founders of two bands, “Leaders” and “Pianola”. He died this from Covid-19.

The evening was the initiative of artists and musicians of the Cultural Committee of AlNahda Youth Network at ARDD as part of the “Generation G” project, in cooperation with The Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rutgers.