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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Over 150,000 beneficiaries reached by ARDD in 2021


  • More than 136,500 beneficiaries from refugee, immigrant, and host communities received legal aid
  • 29 community initiatives were launched through Al Nahda Youth and Women Networks and the Migrant Workers Committee
  • Over 4,000 participants of both genders and belonging to different age groups attended sessions and workshops promoting social participation, enhancing professionals and employability skills, and raising legal awareness
  • 15 entrepreneurial projects incubated
  • 20 students received educational aid and scholarships
  • 10 families received cash assistance for medical emergencies

In pursuit of its renaissance project and in support of the efforts exerted by the Jordanian National NGOs Forum (JONAF) to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, ARDD reached over 150,000 beneficiaries from refugee and host communities around the kingdom. The endeavor was given support by donors and was carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Digital Economy, and Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation, The Department of Palestinian Affairs, and in partnership with The Jordan Paramedic Society and over 20 JONAF member associations.

ARDD ensured the localization of humanitarian work by collaborating with JONAF member organizations to develop the capacities of women-led organizations in the evidence-based advocacy field and by launching 11 initiatives aimed at supporting communities to recover from the impact of COVID-19. As part of Strengthening Capacities of Women-led Civil Society Organizations on Evidence-Based Advocacy & the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, implemented in partnership with UN Women under the JONAP framework with the generous support of the Governments of Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, women leaders of local organizations contributed to programs focused on the development of institutional and research capacities, based on ARDD’s studies and assessments of communities’ needs; they also presented potential solutions.

ARDD continues to shed light on the importance of women’s social and political participation through Al Nahda Women Network. Within the “For Us By Us” project, carried out in partnership with Heinrich-Böll Stiftung Palestine and Jordan Office, 27 network members took part in training sessions on economic and political participation and in field visits to women-led projects and organizations. Additionally, hundreds of women participated in the network’s bi-monthly meetings that started in mid-2021.

As part of the “Empowering Each Other” project, carried out in partnership with UN Women with the support of the Australian government, ARDD worked with 40 women based in Al-Azraq and Al-Zaa’tari camps to develop their capacities in civic participation. They were supported to target 300 women to spread the word about voluntary work and to increase participation levels. ARDD supported women to establish the Women’s Community Network, which has 20 members from Al-Azraq and Al-Zaa’tari camps.

As part of the same project and aiming at promoting the youths’ role in responding to communities’ needs, young people were targeted in order to develop their capacities to help and advocate for their communities. Legal awareness and civic participation were promoted among 180 young women and men who participated in first aid and gender-sensitive response training. They contributed to launching over 11 initiatives within Al Nahda Youth’s Harat Al Ouneh (Supportive Neighborhoods) initiative, whose aim is to lend support to individuals most affected by the pandemic. The closing ceremony of the project saw over 150 people of all ages run the “Together We March for Women’s Renaissance” marathon.

ARDD’s “Design and Determine” project, funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP II) to support Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, is now in phase II supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland, and Switzerland, the project aims at empowering youth and improving their chances to be hired by training 30 female and male participants in professional skills. It provided 20 paid internships, offered scholarships to study at Luminus and Theodor-Schneller-Schule in addition to providing incubation to 15 entrepreneurial projects.

To contribute to empowering, protecting, and promoting the rights of immigrant workers, ARDD supported 30 female and male workers through workshops on civil participation and legal awareness, and through the establishment of the Migrant Workers Committee as part of ARDD’s regional platform MARFA, whose goal is to pool the efforts of immigrant workers of all nationalities and enhance coordination among them. The committee launched four social initiatives within this framework.

As UNHCR legal partner, ARDD provided free legal consultations, and mediation, and representation in courts to over 136,500 beneficiaries of both genders from around the Kingdom, including to refugee camp residents. The organization provided workshops raising legal awareness to over 3,600 beneficiaries of both genders and of all ages, and carries out various projects in partnership with UNHCR, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration SEM and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

To help protect children, through documenting marriages and births, since 2017, ARDD has helped issue 5,200 birth certificates by providing legal and cash assistance. Since 2019, 165 Syrian refugees of both genders have been helped to pay a JD1,000 fine each to document marriage for the purpose of proving parentage.

In collaboration with OCHA, ARDD provided JD 200 per family as children’s cash assistance for 428 families.

In partnership with Islamic Relief France and The Fund for Global Human Rights, ARDD provided 450 families with food coupons worth JD50 as part of the winter aid program. At the same time, JD400 worth of emergency medical aid was provided to 10 beneficiaries of both genders, and financial support was given to top high school students to help them start their university education. Five local organizations in Palestinian refugee camps partnered with ARDD to distribute JD80 cash assistance to each of 100 families. 

In collaboration with JONAF members, and through its various networks and forums, ARDD continues to support and advocate for core issues that contribute to the development and renaissance of local communities. Through meetings and conferences with relevant bodies, studies, and the activation of the civil society’s role, ARDD supports official institutions to develop social and legal protection systems, enable access to justice, localize humanitarian work, and promote women’s role in the decision-making process.

ARDD, JONAF’s coordinator, commends the cooperation and efforts of donors, JONAF members, and official institutions in ensuring the delivery of aid and services to those who most need it. ARDD also wishes to highlight the importance of maintaining solidarity, localizing humanitarian work, and the important role civil society, donors, and official institutions play in helping recovery and development efforts succeed.