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“Researchers in Town” Series Reviews Social Policy Change in Jordan


On Wednesday, May 22nd, the Renaissance Strategic Center (RSC) hosted a session titled “Researching Social Policy Change in Jordan” with Dr. Rana Jawad, Professor of Global Social Policy at the University of Birmingham and Convener of the MENASP network. This session moderated by Odetta Pizzingrilli, RSC Office Manager marked the first event of the RSC “Researchers in Town” dialogue series, aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration among researchers and practitioners to address pressing social issues.

Dr. Rana Jawad, an expert in social policies and welfare systems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, provided insights into the humanitarian-social development nexus in Jordan, focusing on institutional and political change, program design, and their implications for poverty and inequality. She highlighted the challenges and reforms in social protection programs, citing examples from Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The discussion delved into various topics, including the integration of humanitarian assistance into national social safety nets, the balance between charity and productivity, and the importance of broadening the understanding of social protection beyond poverty reduction. Dr. Jawad traced the history of social policies from the end of World War II to the present. She highlighted that social protection is often misunderstood as something only for low-income people, when it is a multifaceted resource that benefits countless individuals and promotes a sense of belonging. Dr. Jawad also emphasized the need for investment in human capital and the creation of productive employment opportunities to achieve sustainable development.