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النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Saoudi to the Design and Determine Entrepreneurs: “A Successful Entrepreneur Rise from the Ashes”


“You will stumble and lose a lot along the way, but this is how entrepreneurship works. Never give up and eventually, your success will overshadow your losses. Remember, a successful entrepreneur rises from the ashes.”

This was the advice of entrepreneur Dina Saoudi, co-founder of Seven Circles for the entrepreneurs of the Design and Determine project Business Incubator implemented by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD). 35 entrepreneurs applied for the project which supports the youth and new emerging businesses in Jordan.

Saoudi’s success story became global and she shared it with her years of experience with entrepreneurs, listened to them, and learned about their projects.

The meeting took place as part of a 2-session training. The first session focused on quality assurance and the second on customer experience management. Participants learned about customer experience management from Wasel for Awareness and Education. Saoudi presented through her business a combination of practical and theoretical experience she gained from her work in project management.

The Design and Determine’s business incubator offers the space for linking new entrepreneurs with influencers and experts. Dian Saoudi influenced two initiatives by Queen Rania Al Abdullah as a board member of the Children’s Museum and the Royal Health Awareness Society. Her presence was part of ARDD’s efforts of presenting successful young entrepreneurs in Jordan to share their experiences, stories of overcoming challenges, and networking methodologies to motivate new entrepreneurs with real-life examples on top of training them.

Seven Circles is a consulting agency that provides full-fledged services for companies and organizations specifically in the course of establishing strategic partnerships, creating new revenue streams, and building sustainable and impactful solutions. Saoudi shared lessons learned from her work on Seven Circles and advised that personal experience is the best way to learn and judge. She stressed the importance of knowledge of a business’s finances such as the capital, estimated profit, and investment percentages, the methodologies to promote the business and sell its idea, and everything required from investors or donors prior to meeting with any.

This project is funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP II) for Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, which is supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland, and Switzerland.