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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Investing in the Future

The demographic composition of Arab countries shows that those under 25 years of age account for 60% of the Arab world’s population. Where barriers to formal youth participation in political, social and economic development prevail, and the inability of official bodies to enable them to play their developmental role in all fields. All of these factors not only lead to low turnout of political, social, and economic participation but also contribute to young people engaging in alternative forms of political participation that in turn may not be democratic and may also be violent and extremist.

Youth participation in the democratic process is therefore not simply about equality and fair representation, but about securing and developing a peaceful and prosperous future for the Arab world.

Therefore, initiatives to involve youth in civil society must go beyond providing voluntary and training opportunities to achieve meaningful participation of youth, which means enhancing the existence of safe and constructive dialogue spaces, contributing to the decision-making process, launching initiatives that address the challenges facing their communities, and helping the youth to voice their views and opinions with regard to politics, economy and society by providing opportunities for joint dialogue with decision-makers and making information about meaningful participation in all fields available through various social and media platforms.


“Inclusive, quality education for all is a foundation for vibrant and judicious societies, a bridge upon which those of varying cultures and perspectives can learn to work together. It is imperative that education systems in the Arab world engage parents, listen to the perspectives of children and provide the necessary support to refugees who have had their educations interrupted.

As an organization ARDD aims to highlight the importance of quality education for all and raise awareness of opportunities available to nationals, migrants and refugees, as well as threats brought about by inadequate or alternative forms of education.

ARDD implements this through advocacy campaigns, ARDD research undertaken through grassroots engagement with underprivileged communities (with teachers, parents, children and young adults across Jordan – including in refugee camps)

In addition, ARDD supports vocational and technical education programs by developing research and policies on the matter, providing students with cognitive and life skills by granting diplomas and networking with local vocational institutions. In addition, ARDD seeks to provide access to the labor market through its networking efforts between students, employers and / or business incubators, as well as scholarships for postgraduate students where possible.

ARDD’s efforts also include working to raise the level of cooperation between parents and teachers, confronting gender-based injustice, analyzing, studying and disseminating reports on the impact of the Syrian crisis on the education system in Jordan, and analyzing and the lack of enforcement of education laws to help foster a culture of social responsibility and accountability among individuals.

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