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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

#AlNahdaYouth Network

Marking the International Youth Day, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) launched #AlNahdaYouth network on August 12, 2020, highlighting the essential role played by the youth in driving hope, reform and development. The network comprises young Arab women and men from the Arab region and beyond. It is led by youth who determine its goals and objectives, and aims to increase the involvement of active and passionate young people in their societies, and help them make their voices heard and realise their vision of a renaissance that carries with it hopes of youth living in a more inclusive, stable and prosperous society that invests in their future.

The network strives to promote the culture of Arab renaissance and strengthen youth and feminist voices in the Arab region and the diaspora to advance the concept of democracy and development rooted in social justice and community work, through various activities such as volunteering, dialogue, promoting civic participation, social journalism, blogging, and creative projects such as filmmaking, visual stories, songs, all the while highlighting these activities and efforts.

Our Objectives

• To offer a safe space for Arab youth to motivate, support each other, and share their aspirations, concerns and common issues.

• To provide platforms and opportunities for Arab youth to voice their expectations, concerns and issues, provide solutions and fulfil their duties towards their societies.

• To heighten the Arab youths’ sense of responsibility towards their societies and issues that concern them, enable their participation in humanitarian and relief work, community organization and voluntary initiatives to create the desired change and curb the brain drain.

• To provide youth programs that hone the skills and capabilities of Arab youth, to help them keep abreast of times, that resonate with the youth and help them achieve their ambitions.

• To invest in and benefit from the minds of Arab youth, celebrate their various contributions to the society, be it in literature, art or research, and encourage dialogue and free and responsible creativity

Our Work

#AlNahdaYouth Network work focuses on the following challenges:

• Entrench the culture of democracy and equality, and protect freedoms, the rule of law and good governance.

• Ensure access to social, economic and gender justice, equal distribution of natural resources, and combat poverty and unequal access to opportunities.

• Develop education agendas to meet the needs of the labour market and production, and help the youth learn manual, handicraft making and other creative professions, eradicate technological illiteracy, and enhance financial and economic knowledge among young people.

• Ensure the comprehensiveness of social protection mechanisms.

• Advocate for refugee issues.

• Make the voice of youth heard and enable them to contribute to the renaissance of their societies and the desired reform.

#AlNahdaYouth network’s comprehensiveness and flexibility enable young women and men to invest their energies, talents and capabilities to solve their issues and challenges, to present solutions, and to exert their efforts through teams and/or work groups, as required by the phase, objective and/or country. Examples of such team work are embodied in Youth Group for Palestine, Philosophy Club and Human Rights Workgroup, among others.

ARDD is committed to providing #AlNahdaYouth with training opportunities, practical experience through its various programs and opportunities also available at partner institutions and agencies, as well as to providing logistical and media support to promote youths’ voices and help them work through its various platforms.

Join us:

All Arab youth interested in any of the issues mentioned above are invited to join the network.

To join, you need to submit the following application: