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She Leads
Empowering Girls and Young Women for Change


The She Leads program is a dynamic collaboration between child rights organizations, feminist/women’s rights groups, and youth-led initiatives aimed at amplifying the sustained influence of girls and young women on decision-making and reshaping gender norms within both formal and informal institutions.

Our program’s core objective is to champion gender equality and empower girls and young women to actively participate in decision-making processes. Our governance structure emphasizes technical expertise, decentralized decision-making, accountability, flexibility, and on-the-ground coordination.

With a primary focus on the Arab World, The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development) ARDD (is implementing the She Leads Program in partnership with Terre des Hommes in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.


The She Leads program envisions a world where girls and young women (GYW) have equal access to opportunities, resources, and the power to shape their own destinies. We aim to create a movement that fosters systemic change, transforming local, national, and regional social norms and institutions.

Overall Goal:

We are committed to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the MENA region by empowering GYW through capacity-building activities focused on lobbying and advocacy skills. Utilizing a digital platform, we connect GYW and GYW-led organizations to develop collective advocacy strategies and bolster their influence on regional policies.

Our project aims to engage GYWs in evidence-based advocacy, both regionally and internationally, ensuring their voices are not only heard but also acted upon. With a broad geographical scope, we identify areas where higher-level support is needed and focus on creating more inclusive and just societies where GYW enjoys equal access to opportunities, resources, and decision-making power.

The Approach:

As a key partner in the She Leads consortium, ARDD collaborates closely with other stakeholders to achieve our shared objectives. Our primary focus is on building the capacity of GYW for effective lobbying and advocacy at the regional level. Our approach involves:

– Forging regional connections among diverse GYW groups

– Engaging GYW in evidence-based advocacy

– Facilitating their participation in regional and international forums

Our approach is collaborative, inclusive, and designed to create lasting change that benefits women and girls in the targeted regions. We are aligned with the consortium’s emphasis on community mobilization, role models, and lobbying. In designing our intervention activities, we carefully consider the She Leads program’s governance structure to ensure inclusivity and address regional concerns and needs.

Together, we strive to create a world where every GYW can lead a fulfilling life, unburdened by gender-based constraints. Join us in shaping a brighter future for girls and young women everywhere.

The Project seeks to:

– Increase access to education and skills development

– Promote women’s economic empowerment

– Enhance political participation and leadership

– Raise awareness and advocate for women’s rights and gender equality

She Leads Consortium

She Leads is a joint program from Plan International Netherlands, Defence for Children – ECPAT the Netherlands (DCI-ECPAT), African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), and Terre des Hommes the Netherlands (TdH-NL). Equal Measures 2030 is a technical partner. The She Leads consortium, which runs from 2021-2025, aims to increase the sustained influence of girls and young women on decision-making and the transformation of gender norms in formal and informal institutions. The consortium will achieve this goal by working through 3 interrelated domains:

  • Civil society domain: the enhancement of collective action of girls and young women in a gender-responsive civil society
  • Socio-cultural domain: support by increased acceptance of positive social gender norms
  • Institutional domain: enabling meaningful participation of girls and young women in political and decision-making institutions.