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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

A Reading Into the Economics of the “Deal of the Century” (West Bank and Gaza Strip)


The “Deal of the Century,” which was released on January 28, 2020, promises the Palestinian people prosperity and well-being. However, it is simply a document that unilaterally empowers an illegal and self-proclaimed entity (according to the hundreds of decisions of the United Nations and the competent international bodies) to obtain concessions from the rights holder (the Palestinians), expand the occupation of the West Bank by 30%, legitimize (unilaterally) the occupying force’s power over 240 illegal settlements, and terminate the historical, current or future rights of Palestinians.

The privileges that the document of the “Deal” promises to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are solely based on the current and future desires, aspirations and approval of the occupier. As such, we completely reject the provisions of the “Deal” and affirm its illegality. Further, we deplore the biased roles of the United States or any country that participated in, contributed to, negotiated or coordinated this “Deal”, and their attempt to place obligations upon an occupied and forcibly displaced people. This analysis discourses some of the economic aspects and presumptions and the proposed projects that the “Deal” is based upon.