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النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

What will Jordanian civil society look like if localization is achieved? JONAF -Working together towards Localization


JONAF- Working together towards Localization

As part of its advocacy efforts and role in promoting localization of humanitarian response, the Jordan National NGOs Forum (JONAF) held its third annual event On July 21, 2019, seeking to address and answer this question “What will Jordanian civil society look like if localization is achieved?”.

 JONAF has begun to play an important role in the follow-up of several significant agendas such as the Humanitarian Action Localization agenda, which calls for the inclusion of local and national representatives in the planning and implementation of humanitarian and development strategies to ensure that targeted community needs are met.

Current challenges to implementing localization include different interpretations of the Grand Bargain by local and international organizations; conflicting approaches between government agencies, local organizations, and international organizations to implementing localization; and finally, the capacity and understanding within national organizations to carry out aid work.

This event, which was launched by a word from her excellency Senator Sawsan Al Majali, aimed to generate discussion amongst JONAF members, government officials, and CSOs to encourage the commitments made in the Grand Bargain in 2016 and in the Charter 4 Change in 2015. At the core of this commitment was to enable locally led humanitarian and development architecture and practices, and Jordanian civil society, to scale up and sustain investments from the aid sector by enforcing accountability and localization. The event also aimed to increase resilience to challenges posed by a shrinking space for civil society, funding limitations, and increased due diligence requirements by governments and donors.