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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

The National Alliance for Combating Narcotics in Jordan

Towards an Arab Vision to Influence the Migrant and Refugee Agenda


Drug abuse destroys lives, and social and cultural morals, contributes to violent crimes, breaks up families and pose a threat to national security. Everybody in our society may be a target refugees, guest workers and especially young people are most vulnerable and easier to fall prey to drug dealers. Geographically, Border zones, are more likely to be the scenes of drug smuggling and dealing.

Countries across the world, Jordan included, have in place legislation, strategies, plans, programs, and other tools to combat use of narcotics. All these tools are normally based on four main pillars: prevention, protection, treatment and combating use of narcotics.

Governments should not be alone in fighting this scourge. The entire community should join official institutions and play a role in protecting, preventing, and combating drug abuse. Civil society with its capacities is best suited to contribute to social, legal and awareness-raising efforts to address families, the youth and the most vulnerable in the fight against narcotics. It could also mobilize and advocate for the reinforcing the fight against narcotics on the local and global levels.

The Forum for Supporting the Justice Sector brought together, on September 5, 2021, specialists and concerned parties to discuss the issue, particularly the latest amendments to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law of 2021.  Participants stressed the need to intensify efforts and establish a national alliance of civil society organizations, specialists, media representatives and legal and social activists to enhance protection and prevention, and combat the use of drugs, to assess the weaknesses in the law, and present recommendations to help efforts to raise awareness and prevent drug abuse, as part of the humanitarian response in times of crises, when dealing and abusing narcotics runs the risk to increase. Participants also called for building the capacities of the relevant institutions and staff to deal with the issue effectively to protect and support the community including refugees and especially youth and their families.

Objectives of the alliance


Promote prevention and awareness-raising programs, as part of human rights, and have the public’s interest and observance of social responsibility as the highest goal.



Function as a conduit between its members and government and non-governmental institutions. As such, the alliance’s main responsibility is to represent the different groups of the community, support their efforts to achieve protection and prevention, ensure that dealers and smugglers are held accountable and brought to justice, and secure effective treatment and recovery for drug users, and the stability of the affected families.



Members commit to conduct dialogue and exchange experience with official institutions, in line with international human rights standards.



The alliance is committed to raising public awareness about the issue, prevent and protect members of society from using narcotics, collaborate with pertinent entities for the successful treatment and rehabilitation of users, and encourage individuals with experience in the field to get involved in its efforts.



A community free of narcotics, with everyone enjoying a decent life and access to social, legal and health services, and awareness about the dangers drugs pose on individuals and the community.



  1. Plan and implement awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns targeting families and young people to highlight the dangers of narcotics through training, guidance, leaflets, media, position papeers and statements.
  2. Conduct and write studies and policy papers, conduct regular dialogue, seminars and communication with the media, exchange experience with local and regional entities, focus on prevention, protection, treatment and combating drug use, and develop health and legislative procedures.
  3. Advocate for better assistance to drug users, secure immediate care and help reintegrate them in the community.
  4. Represent the Forum for Supporting the Justice Sector members at seminars, conferences, in dialogues and meetings with official and non-official parties working on combating use of narcotics in Jordan and the region.
  5. Review legislation and strategies pertaining to combating use of narcotics, and work on amending and improving them.


Membership: Founders, members, and partners

Founding members:

  • (…….)

Civil society organizations and activists interested in the alliance’s objectives can join by pledging to commit to the alliance charter and objectives and after receiving the approval of the founding members.

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