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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

For Us by Us

Despite Jordan’s top-down legislative decisions to encourage women’s civic engagement and enhance their political participation, women’s participation in public life remains extremely limited in terms of representation and impact. Further exacerbating this is the fact that even when included, the presence of women in political structures remains a formality, as, in practice, it is limited to promoting the agendas of their male counterparts.

To reinforce women’s active participation in various spheres, the goal of this project is to bring women, including community leaders and activists, together under Al Nahda Women Network to enhance their political participation and role in democracy building through networking and building trust among women in the community. ARDD created Al Nahda Women Network and has been consistently involving it in its projects.

The “For us by us” project will focus on enhancing Al Nahda Women Network and solidifying its reputation as a platform for action, access to civil society and women in leadership positions, offering opportunities to exchange knowledge, skills, and experiences, which will contribute to enhancing women’s confidence in each other, strengthening their civic engagement and practicing their political agency.

ARDD believes that there will be no true renaissance without women coming together to promote one idea and use one discourse that raises awareness of their issues and promotes their causes. This can only be achieved when women trust each other and support each other, to ensure the success of all, and when the efforts of women at the forefront in the effort to attain sustainable development, social peace, and a prosperous future are pooled together.

The project is in line with ARDD’s Gender Justice and Youth Enablement & Education programs and will be implemented in partnership with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Palestine/Jordan office between 01.05.2021 and 31.07.2021.